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Mola! Hostel

Are you looking for a Hostel in Puerta del Sol?Mola!

If you are looking for a Hostel in Puerta del Sol in Madrid you have found what you are looking for! Mola Hostel is just 400 meters away (a 4 minute walk) from the clock with the famous chimes that all Spaniards follow so see out and welcome in every year. The hostel is in an excellent position for visiting all the tourist attractions while strolling along lovely streets.

Reaching the center, as in any western city, is really easy. And, with regard to Madrid, staying in a hostel in Puerta del Sol is without any doubt your best option. Whatever mode of transport you use, you are unlikely to get lost when trying to find Mola Hostel, but don’t try and come by boat;-).

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