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Mola! Hostel

Mola! Hostel: Your accommodation in Madrid

Mola! Hostel is waiting for you

Because traveling on your own does NOT mean that you want to be on your own
And when you travel with friends you DON’T want to waste a minute

Rooms for 4 people
Rooms for 6 people
Rooms for 8 people
Rooms for 10 people

Are you looking for accommodation in Madrid city center that looks like a suite?

Because accommodation in Madrid does NOT have to be ugly, dirty or old fashioned.
And a comfortable bed does NOT have to be a dream
And having your own socket is not a luxury
And having WiFi that works from your bed is a necessity
And being warm in winter and cool in summer is not a whim
And you want everything nearby because long distances ARE a luxury that you CAN’T afford.

Sleeping cheaply in Madrid was never so…

  • cool

  • amazing

  • elegant

  • clean

  • comfortable

  • fun

  • spacious

  • well-organized

  • tasty

  • awesome

  • central

Mola! Hostel is the accommodation in Madrid that you are looking for:

Because you are NOT coming to Madrid to lock yourself away in a hotel room
And you believe that the more you sleep, the less you live
And you DON’T want to pay a lot when spending so little time
You prefer to spend your savings on memories that you will cherish for ever
On beers with old friends and new companions
On delicious tapas
On munching churros with thick hot chocolate that you will remember all your life
On having dinner at that restaurant everyone is talking about
On that new outfit that everyone is looking at
And on dancing all night long at a fashionable nightclub
After having listened to the latest music
And to save on the taxi back, because your accommodation is so close

You want to sleep in Madrid and you want to find something cheap, BUT…

  • You want everything to be clean and tidy

  • You want it to be pretty, nicely designed, and in good taste

  • Because style does not have to be expensive

  • And you can’t put a price on  elegance

  • And ideas are free

  • And your experiences can never be repeated


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